Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Himeji Joe vs. Ultra-Ganguro, pt. 1, Cont.

So I realized that my earlier post might not make any sense without some additional information/images.

I live in Himeji, Japan. Its famous for its castle, widely thought to be the nicest in Japan. In Japanese, its referred to as Himeji-jo.

I was drawing it one day from a nearby park and started to see a face in the castle. Thoughts of what it would look like if it stood up jumped into my head. I found/took some pictures and started playing with ideas. What would its body look like? Arms? Legs? Plus, might as well call him Himeji Joe, you know?

I knew I wanted to show it from the ground, looking up at it, towering over us. And what the hell - might as well make it fighting some other huge creature. After thoughts of the Statue of Liberty and Big Ben facing off against our hero, Jenai suggested I use a girl dressed in a Japanese style we were reading about called ganguro. They are sorta scary, which is a plus, AND they are often interpreted as caricatures of Western women. Awesome, I'm starting to like the layers coming up here...

So develop the pose, examine details...

With the other creature to be worked out later, I got into faking the perspective and exaggerated ground-level view. This was, like, a 3rd attempt. Pretty frustrating at the time.

After a few tries, I got something I was into, the sketch below. In the previous post, you can see how I am developing areas of this basic sketch, one at a time. So fun.


Mandy said...

Chip, that's fantastic!! I have just obtained that print of yours that you did of the Gallatin Court House. I plan to have it framed soon!

Chip Boles said...

Wicked. That courthouse was just about my first real sales item. It shocks me they are still floating about. Thanks so much.