Sunday, June 22, 2008

Himeji Joe vs. Ultra-Ganguro, pt. 1

I've been taking a break from getting the new website ready to work on something thats a lot of fun. I'm making a fake Monster-Movie poster for my idea of "Himeji Joe vs. Ultra-Ganguro". It involves our town's castle standing up like a giant monster and fighting a giant ganguro woman. More to come on that later. But here are my two favorite drawings from this weekend. I'm learning that these architectural details take forever! God knows I'm adapting the actual design to fit my anthropomorphization (jeez, is that a word?), but I still want to get as much in as possible, and I want it to be instantly recognizable, at least to locals.

Having so much fun with this.

Watched Dexter all Sunday, too. Really fun, but makes me feel kinda guilty almost, like being able to understand a character like that makes you morally culpable for... something. I don't know.

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