Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tanuki after a long night of drawin' and colorin'

Added some colors last night to Mr. Tanuki.  Doing hair is so fun.  These are reasonably accurate colors to the real, raccoon-dog-like animal.  I like the view of him up close better, so you can see the hair details.  But still I tried putting him with the Monumental Gambatte, below.
"Gambatte" is Japanese for something like "try your hardest," "keep working hard," and "do your best," all together.  And since I can't let go of a dramatic idea, I wanted to see Mr. Tanuki in front of it.  

However, I'm still working on making them not mess each other up.  Hard to see the tanuki's arm against the shadows on the monument.  

Its just like my problem with dressing - I can pick out an interesting shirt, for example, but matching it with some pants, shoes, etc. - now, that gets challenging.  I make these individual pieces (that tend to figures), but I'm still working on making things that fit together right.

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