Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New Website Pre-Preview

The new website, beta version, is uploaded and viewable!  After some kind folks explained some glitches to me, the page should be looking solid.  My goal is to have a portfolio site that is itself a portfolio piece, so feedback is welcome and appreciated!  

Btw, on my Friends page you'll see how I am hoping to exchange links with folks.  Its a two-for-one deal, as I'll be putting my Friends' links on two websites (homepage and sketchblog) in exchange for only one on that Friend's website.  That's good for everyone, since more links to your site equals higher search engine rankings.

In local news, mid-Southern Japan is at the peak of its summer heat.  At least I hope this is the peak.  The humidity is astounding and stifling, and I'm from Tennessee where the air is so wet that we are practically amphibious.  
Teaching English in Japan requires getting used to instructing in rooms with no A/C of any kind, summer or winter.  After you resign yourself to the sweating, it's easier.  Students have it hardest, never once entering a cool place the entire day (this doesn't exactly motivate them to learn), where as the teachers get to sit in the A/C'ed Staff Room with all the other teachers.  Not complaining, just observing.  

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Mandy said...

Pregnant women and the elderly are advised to not even breathe outside here in Middle Tennessee. It's stifling.