Monday, August 18, 2008

Back with the August HT Cover!

Its been too long, ladies and gentlemen. This month brought many changes in my life, not the least of which was moving to a new town here in Japan. Between moving, quintupling the amount of biking I do, meeting new JET's and the subsequent/requisite/enjoyable socialization that includes, I was drawing but a little.

But I did slip in a new cover for August's Hyogo Times (I know it's over-photoshopped, thank you) and am planning on whipping out Himeji Joe for September's. Slight change on his intended adversary, tho: I'm feeling like Ultra-Ganguro will have to wait, but Ultra-Takoyaki (like Saturday Night) is "alright fo' fightin'." For the non-nihongo-learning crowd, takoyaki is a popular fried Japanese comestible made from squid. Ya dig? I like drawing tentacles, but you'll have to wait to see those. However, here's Joe's final pose, which I sorta like in all his bold black and white glory.


Lacey said...

Hey Chip!

This is Lacey Graves (now Gerard) from back in the day. Remember me? Anyways, I was driving to work this morning and saw someone who was a dead ringer for you back in high school (I have no idea what you look like now), and I decided to do a Google search on you you are!

Your illos are looking great! And you're in Japan--wow! Send me an email when you get a chance.

Chip Boles said...

Whoa! Hey Lacey! It *has* been forever. I'm glad you looked me up. As for me-now vs the HS-me, I'm currently living in Japan (beginning my 2nd year teaching English.) Making pictures is still the most important thing I do.

Googling you, I see you look pleasantly similar to your high-school self
but that you have a new wonderful person in your life

Well, tell me more.