Sunday, August 31, 2008

September Hyogo Times cover

Hello again, folks. I've not forgotten the blog, but instead have been putting unusually concentrated effort into the unusually detailed cover for September. Truth is, I hope to use this image for more than this cover, but I'm excited to see how it works as one.

I wonder if it will throw folks, or if having "Hyogo Times Pictures Presents" in the credits will be enough to make it a "cover." I feel its certainly topical to a JET's life in the Hyogo Prefecture, including not only its most famous attraction (is that arguable? I'm not sure...) as well as a popular Japanese food.

For the uninitiated, takoyaki is the squid equivalent of a Chicken McNugget, sorta smallish, greasy, and oishi (delicious). I'm not so big on the texture of squid, but hey, there's no accounting for taste.

Plus there's the issue of dimensions, as this is not the typical height-to-width of a newstand cover. The only excuse I have is that the prefecture has been having a hard time finding money for printing, and most HT issues lately have been distributed only in digital format. In that case, the cover dimensions do not matter, and the conceptual limits of "cover" expand dramatically. Oh well, we'll see.

Btw, been in the US for a week and a day now, and 6 more to go. Its great to recharge, reconnect, and remember. Things are different, but not so much.

-My 6 year old twin cousins are becoming full-fledged human beings with fascinating and and unique personalities.

-More bypasses have been built, allowing those at point A to get to point B faster, and for at point B to do the inverse with A. (I refer you to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy for my feelings on bypasses.)

-Going to Wal-Mart is still the most effective form of birth-control I know of.

-And we are all getting older, and we are all slowly, surely, becoming more fully ourselves.

God, Bless America. Please.

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Mandy said...

Visiting the Walmart is Gallatin was always a surefire way to make myself feel... suicidal? That's about the only positive thing about my mom's death... I will never have to step foot in that horrendous place again. The Walmart here in the 'boro is terrible but that other one? In a totally different league.