Saturday, September 13, 2008

ABC poster project, pt5-Gopher Tortoise on Drums

Starting to get a critical mass of animal performers, and the specter of the background is looming... My hope is to finish this poster by Monday night, but am allowing myself until Wednesday night.

Listening to some This American Life episodes that I've let stack up on my iTunes. I love the show and in more than 10 years of listening, have never once been disappointed by it, but more than a few times have been moved to real thought, laughter, and tears. It strikes me as one of the biggest examples of a contemporary urge for sincere sentiment. I was talking with my friend Billy a week or so ago about his artwork. One important element in his work is his exploration of the line you cross from sincere emotional expression into something showy or false. He also contrasts it against "knowing" art, a kind that works from a (real or contrived) jadedness, a kind of defensive, cynical unwillingness to let one's guard down, to be real. The example in my mind is that of a wise-cracking sitcom kid, though I'm sure Billy could say it better. I'm seeing this impulse in different folk's art and media these days, and am really interested in it.

At the moment, I think of two artists from my grad school time at MCAD who's work I think in this same way: Molly Roth and Shepherd Alligood, though for now I have to leave it at that. Gotta get back to drawing a pig playing an accordion.

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