Monday, October 20, 2008

Murals "big" in Bulgaria, apparently

So I'm going to be in a Bulgarian textbook on mural painting. How random is that?

I received a surprising letter a few weeks ago from one Prof. Oleg Gochev, an artist, muralist, and professor at the National Art Academy in Sofia, Bulgaria. He, thru his amazingly polite assistant Milena Kardaleva, was asking for permission to use images of some murals I completed at North Drive Middle School in Hopkinsville, TN during 2001.

As I had not featured these images on my site or focused on my murals for a few years, this was a surprising, if flattering, message to receive.

Cool, huh?

Here's a preview of some of the murals from that project:

Library Murals
One of my faves, outside of the library, they had these in-set doors that lead to this idea for the book case illusion. All of these books can be found inside on the actual shelves. I think we picked the books most often checked out for these murals. There's another bookshelf mural outside the library's other exit on the opposite side with different books.

Music Mural
Where the school band practiced... I remember the model for this face was a 13-year-old flutist with an attitude.

Math Mural How easy was it to come up with a "fun" idea for a math mural? I'm not sure I did, but the math problem about calculating the circumference of the earth kinda relates to a giant globe I painted down the hallway for the Geography classrooms. That bar over its left side is some cork strip for hanging things in the hallway that the janitors insisted on putting back up... art critics.

Art Room Mural If you look closely, you can see the left hand hands are sketching an in-perspective plan of that hallway itself, including the art mural itself. Get it?...

Flag Corps Mural This is the mural for the Youth Communist League... No, not really - this is for the Flag Corps. Do you have that in other countries? Some girls whipping flags about lethally, throwing them high into the air and catching them at the last second?

Some additional info: North Drive Middle was a school with an incredibly long central hallway running like a spine thru the center of the school. Standing at one end looking at the other was a disorienting optical illusion of geometric perspective. Anywhere in the middle, its was difficult to tell exactly where you were. Thus the murals as a solution to create visual landmarks in this seemlingly endless beige-brick corridor.

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