Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Music Animal Variation and Zipline Illustrations for Allen Broussard Conservancy

More for the Allen Broussard Conservancy:

They really liked the Harvest Music Jam Poster from October and asked if the animals could be re-cast for Christmas.  It was a fun process, deciding on a role for each.

Afterwards, they explained how in January, they are beginning their process of promoting a Zipline that they are setting up on their nature preserve as part of their Eco-Tourism. Continuing the animal theme, we decided on using the Florida Panther as the Zipline Spokescat, since tons of Florida stuff already uses an aligator as a mascot.  I think they turned out fun!  And I've totally got dibs on that zipline.  It makes me think of Medicine Man with Sean Connery and Loraine Brocco (sp?), going thru the treetops to a heavenly Jerry Goldsmith soundtrack (and which btw, made me really excited about environmentalism in the 8th grade - the circle is complete...).  

(Quick personal fun fact: The day-care center I went to from around 3 to 7 years old had a zipline from the top of [what at the time, seemed like] a huge hill all the way down to a space between two trees where you would be jerked to a swinging stop.  The way that one was built, it seems now like something too ramshackle and fun for a day-care to have for their kids today, but it was awesome.  It almost made up for the terrifying and mentally unstable male owner of the place.  Oh, memories...)

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