Thursday, April 16, 2009

Japanzine Art Issue-I'm Profiled!

This month, Japanzine's Art Issue has come out and I'm quite happy to say that I have a 2 page spread it it!  Japanzine selected and profiled 8 foreign-born artists currently living in Japan.  

(The image is probably hard to read, so the text is pasted in below.)


Chip Boles

School: BFA in Drawing at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, TN; MFA in Illustration at Minneapolis College of Art and Design  
Media: Though I still love and use traditional media, most of my professional work begins as a regular pencil drawing before being scanned into Photoshop, where I add color and otherwise polish the image to its finished state.

What are you presenting here?  
My pieces presented here come from 3 different projects: the 3 images with the small boy come from a children's book that I made for my graduate thesis project, about a small boy who comes to see monsters all around him, and which he learns to deal with and conquer. "TV Man" is a slightly older image made combining my media studies with images I've taken from 1950s ads. "Himeji Joe vs. Ultra-Takoyaki" is part of a series of images I've made during my time in Japan, and this one features the most famous castle in Japan, from my adopted hometown of Himeji. I thought a giant takoyaki would be funny. It's not exactly symbolic of anything, as some have asked - I just like giant monsters.

Why are you doing what you're doing? 
I love the act of drawing, of making something that's in my head. The process itself is a pleasure. I love language and get ideas from everywhere, from things people say. Reacting to life in Japan - becoming familiar with a whole new culture of images with its own aesthetic - has been awesome for my work.  

What are your aspirations?
Some fun, rewarding collaborations with various writers on different comics/picture-stories are really catching my interest now, exploring the ways that words and pictures can together tell stories in ways that no other medium can. I think making and publishing stories is my real next step. 

Our take
Celio: "Boles' work has a strongly defined style: it's filled with volume, weight and wit. His renderings of the human figure in a wide array of situations showcase a masterful use of media to communicate ideas clearly and concisely. His figures are filled with emotion and seem to suck us into the dreamlike worlds his characters inhabit. Fear, sadness, anger, worry, joy, passion are all exquisitely captured and emphasized with dramatic composition. Bold colors and dramatic lighting round off this talented artist's work."


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