Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Picture Experimentation and Osaka Show and Print Info

I'm just taking a few days to play around with this picture, seeing what background and texture change about the basic image.

In other news, my art show in Osaka nears. See this page for solid info:


All are welcome, and my prints will be on sale. As of Friday, May 29, prints are available for 2500 yen (around USD $25.00) each.

All prints are on high quality B4-sized (9.85" x 13.9") semigloss paper. Prints can be pre-ordered - just let me know which one you want:

"Himeji Joe vs. Ultra Takoyaki" ,
"Halloween in Japan" ,
"Happy Place" ,
"Sumo Wrasslin' "

See you there!

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