Friday, July 17, 2009

Ladybug Tattoo Design

Ladybugs have always been a powerful images in my friend KGS's childhood memories, linked to influential women in her life. 

For this tattoo design, changing the ladybugs' spots into the initials of 4 of these women makes the idea more personal.  Putting it all into a tattoo makes these personal images into a visible, significant statement.  

And this below isn't a photo of the actual tattoo, but an image I made to see how the design might actually sit on the foot. 

I thought it was a fun idea to try and do the ladybugs in a trompe-l'œil (French for 'trick the eye') level of detail, like they are actually still on her feet after walking thru some tall grass.

(KGS described having the tattoo on one of her feet - but never said which - so, I sent this one with examples on both just in case.) 

~pics of the finished tattoo coming soon!~


Jaclyn said...

Beautiful work! I hope she is able to find a tattoo artist capable of recreating it.

If I ever get up the guts to get the tattoo I've been thinking on, I'll drop you a line. ;)

Igor Lukyanov said...

Cute ladybirds!