Monday, November 16, 2009

Hosokawa Illo for Kansai Scene

"Hosokawa: The First Ronin Prime Minister" (Seeing Ourselves Through Hosokawa)
Pencil and digital, 2009

This is a full page-illustration for Kansai Scene, published November 2009. For the article "Hosokawa: The First Ronin Prime Minister".

This piece features a former Japanese Prime Minister who, in 1993, was the first and only one to accomplish what many thought to be the impossible: gaining power for his Democratic Party of Japan. This was such a feat because it was the first time since WWII that anyone besides the Liberal Democratic Party had this power. Did it last? No, the entrenched LPD put him thru the ringer, dug up/created dirt on him, and essentially destroyed him as PM, forcing him to resign after only 8 months - one of the shortest terms for the post ever.

Why does this matter today? Because the DPJ again has power - real power - for the first time since Hosokawa's 93 attempt. Many are calling this Japan's chance to have a "real" democracy for the first time in its history, where the elected officials have the power they are intended to have, and the bureaucrats do not.

I guess we'll see what happens. Check out this article when it's published for a really interesting analysis of this situation.

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