Friday, August 13, 2010

"Lady Gaga Devouring a Unicorn Carcass"

I know it's not technically a carcass if it's still kickin, but "carcass" just sounds so much cooler...

After deciding between a few choices, I went with the sparkly background. For her eyes I was thinking of those nature movies that show jackals or hyenas feeding at night, eyes caught spookily in the lights from the "cameras."

The whole thing started when my buddy Joe sent me this, as featured on,

While I missed the actual commission deadline, I still wanted to make the piece. I want to send some caricatures to MAD Magazine sometime soon, and this one seemed as good as any to do for that. I really like Lady Gaga ("Bad Romance" is surprisingly addictive) for her show(wo)manship an the vivid spectacle she offers. One has the idea that she has the biggest creative hand in it all (as opposed to some producer/record label churning out more shiny dreck). So I present this imagined portrait with all due respect.

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