Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Un/Real Portraits

Ever wanted to be a superhero?
Fighting zombies? Be a zombie?
How about a historically-themed family portrait in awesome period clothing?
Would your kid like to be knight in shining armor slaying/riding a dragon? (I personally favor riding, but...)
Shooting the biggest gun on the planet at a spaceship?

The possibilities are truly endless, and there are no limitations on settings or props.

I'm happy to finally be able to show off Un/Real Portraits - a new kind of service I'm offering for this Christmas :)

I'd been wanting to try this for a while - drawing over photos of folks and adding whatever they like. Rob (pictured) digs the visually-entrancing world of Steampunk, so he gets to be a kind of uber-tech-ed out Sherlock Holmes-meets-Doc Brown (from Back to the Future, 3 especially)-meets... well, you get the idea.

The only thing I need from you to make one of these is a *good photo,* which for our purposes means:
1. High-resolution

2. In-focus

3. Not too cluttered with stuff (I'll clutter it myself, ha)

4. Good lighting. This mostly means that it's NOT taken with a flash. Those wash out all the wonderful shadows that I will attempt to bring out in the photo. Something better would be a photo taken in daylight, or under a light, next to a lamp, etc.

5. A good, fun pose. And they don't need to be smiling, necessarily. Actually, might be better if they're not. You know? Ninjas and folks fighting monsters, for example, don't often bust out some cheesy grins, ha.
Shoot me a message at
for more info, scheduling, and prices.

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