Sunday, August 21, 2011

"Of Staves and Sigmas" Cover

After somewhat of a hiatus from the page (which included an intercontinental move), I can finally show the new art!

Here's my cover for Geoffrey Verdegast's "Of Staves and Sigmas," the first installment in his epic "Souls of Ergos" series.

Mr. Verdegast describes his vivid, richly detailed story thusly, also offering insight into the cover's dual-world theme:
The SOULS OF ERGOS saga is a sinuous, multi-layered tale centred around two men, two worlds, and a bizarre twist of cosmic duality. Both men rousted by Fate, both displaced by undeflectable circumstance onto foreign spheres, each finds himself striving to remain grounded amid the peril of unfamiliar terrains and hostile peoples while simultaneously trying to unriddle the mystery behind their intersidereal abductions. With one protagonist stranded on contemporary earth, and the other on mediaeval Ergos, their respective existences come down to an ability to brave the travels and travails born of faithworthy comrades, of treacherous situations, and of the handful of gradually-manifesting mystical abilities that threaten to make both men unwillingly unique to their surrogate worlds. (Taken from the author's site)
And here's a view of the entire cover, including the back's illustration and blurbs.

It's available now in paperback and Kindle versions through Amazon or Smashwords.

(More posts soon - including a job I'm working on for CNN!)